Paleo in PLOS: October 2019

Featured image: reconstruction of a Late Cretaceous dinosaur tracksite in Alaska. From Fiorillo et al. (2019), see below Happy Halloween! PLOS has seen a lot of activity in the paleo realm this month, including a lot of exciting discoveries! So let’s dive right into the latest published research across all PLOS journals…. Competition-driven evolution ofContinue reading “Paleo in PLOS: October 2019”

Paleo in PLOS: September 2019

PLOS saw some great paleontological papers published this month. Let’s highlight some of the work that was published in the freely accessible PLOS ONE in September. For a complete and regularly updated list of open access papers being published in dozens of journals, be sure to follow our regularly updated Twitter feed. Resource partitioning among brachiopodsContinue reading “Paleo in PLOS: September 2019”

Top 10 Open Access Fossil Taxa of 2017

The big moment is finally here! With 669 votes cast from around the world, we have our Top 10 Open Access Fossil Taxa of 2017. Our honorees were chosen from a field of 45 discoveries announced between December 1, 2016, and September 30, 2017, including everything from extinct mushrooms to ferocious dinosaurs. We were thrilled to see our TopContinue reading “Top 10 Open Access Fossil Taxa of 2017”

Paleontology of Bears Ears National Monument, Utah

PLOSBLOGS Update 12/4/17  President Trump Declares Major Reduction of Bears Ears Monument This Feb/2017 guest post to the PLOS Paleontology Community is by guest blogger Robert Gay. Rob is the Curator of Education at the Museum of Western Colorado, and also frequently contributes to the blog Prehistoric Pub. He can be found on Twitter @Paleorob. Thank you, Rob, for contributingContinue reading “Paleontology of Bears Ears National Monument, Utah”

Top Ten Vertebrate Paleontology Finds of 2016 | PLOS

Last night at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, brought many of us together to celebrate open access in our field, and PLOS in particular. A special highlight: the announcement of the Top 10 Open Access Vertebrate Fossils of 2016, as decided by a community vote. There is some great varietyContinue reading “Top Ten Vertebrate Paleontology Finds of 2016 | PLOS”

Veggievore Fish of the Triassic

Fish have a bit of a boring reputation among many vertebrate paleontologists–too many bones, too hard to identify, not as charismatic as dinosaurs, etc., etc. But, this is entirely undeserved (and I say that as a dinosaur paleontologist, too)! The ins and outs of fish evolution are truly fascinating, bolstered by a phenomenal fossil record.Continue reading “Veggievore Fish of the Triassic”

Snakes in a Burrow: Fossil Rattles Origin of Snakes

Last week, paleontologists published a study in the journal Science Advances revealing a possible habitat origin for modern snakes. This study was based on an exciting morphological discovery in a fossil snake that could help scientists understand why snakes developed limbless bodies and distinct sensory systems. The habitat of ancestral snakes has been debated betweenContinue reading “Snakes in a Burrow: Fossil Rattles Origin of Snakes”