Paleo in PLOS: November 2019

Hey folks! Sarah here. Since this weekend is a holiday in the United States, I’m throwing together this latest list of paleontological research quickly. I hope you all are recovering from your Thanksgiving dinosaur carcass consumption coma and getting ready to embrace a chilly winter (at least in the northern hemisphere)! Here is a listContinue reading “Paleo in PLOS: November 2019”

Paleo in PLOS: October 2019

Featured image: reconstruction of a Late Cretaceous dinosaur tracksite in Alaska. From Fiorillo et al. (2019), see below Happy Halloween! PLOS has seen a lot of activity in the paleo realm this month, including a lot of exciting discoveries! So let’s dive right into the latest published research across all PLOS journals…. Competition-driven evolution ofContinue reading “Paleo in PLOS: October 2019”

Top 10 Open Access Fossil Taxa of 2017

The big moment is finally here! With 669 votes cast from around the world, we have our Top 10 Open Access Fossil Taxa of 2017. Our honorees were chosen from a field of 45 discoveries announced between December 1, 2016, and September 30, 2017, including everything from extinct mushrooms to ferocious dinosaurs. We were thrilled to see our TopContinue reading “Top 10 Open Access Fossil Taxa of 2017”

Top Ten Vertebrate Paleontology Finds of 2016 | PLOS

Last night at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, brought many of us together to celebrate open access in our field, and PLOS in particular. A special highlight: the announcement of the Top 10 Open Access Vertebrate Fossils of 2016, as decided by a community vote. There is some great varietyContinue reading “Top Ten Vertebrate Paleontology Finds of 2016 | PLOS”