Eocene Fishes from Libya: Completing a Picture of the Past

One of the largest, and sometimes overlooked, fossil record belongs to fishes, spanning hundreds of millions of years since their origin in the mid-Paleozoic. Such an immense fossil record has given ichthyologists an advantage in developing comprehensive hypotheses of evolutionary relationships of fishes both living and extinct. But even with such a expansive fossil record,Continue reading “Eocene Fishes from Libya: Completing a Picture of the Past”

Lungfishes Are Not Airheads!

It’s November, a month to ruminate on all of the things we are thankful for while we ruminate copious amounts of food (at least in the United States). I’ve been contemplating all of the things that I am thankful for, besides the usual suspects (you know, friends, family, a pretty cool research project, and, ofContinue reading “Lungfishes Are Not Airheads!”