Fossil Friday Roundup: February 23, 2018

Featured Image: Leaves constituting the litter are of Eretmophyllum (Ginkgoales), a common plant macroremain as cuticles in the Spanish amber-bearing strata. Body color of the collembolans is conjectural but based on the coloration seen in the close extant relatives (artist J. A. Peñas, with scientific supervision). From Sánchez-Garcia et al. (2017), CC-BY.

Papers (All Open Access):

  • Nitrogen isotopes suggest a change in nitrogen dynamics between the Late Pleistocene and modern time in Yukon, Canada (PLOS ONE)
  • Distinguishing Biologically Controlled Calcareous Biomineralization in Fossil Organisms Using Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) (Frontiers in Earth Science)
  • Information theory, predictability and the emergence of complex life (RSOS)
  • On a grain of sand – a microhabitat for the opportunistic agglutinated foraminifera Hemisphaerammina apta n. sp., from the early Eocene Arctic Ocean (Journal of Micropalaeontology)
  • Puyehuemyia chandleri, gen. nov., sp. nov. (Diptera: Opetiidae): Remnant of a Cretaceous Biota in Chile (American Museum Novitates)
  • Revision of the damsel-dragonfly family Campterophlebiidae (Odonata) from the Early Jurassic of England reveals a new genus and species (Alcheringa)
  • Mating and aggregative behaviors among basal hexapods in the Early Cretaceous (PLOS ONE)
  • Swimming mechanics and propulsive efficiency in the chambered nautilus (RSOS)
  • Neubeschreibung und erste Rekonstruktion von Elonichthys germari Giebel, 1848 (Pisces, Actinopterygii; Oberkarbon, Mitteldeutschland) (Hallesches Jahrbuch für Geowissenschaften)
  • Clownfishes evolution below and above the species level (ProcB)
  • Phytoforensics: Trees as bioindicators of potential indoor exposure via vapor intrusion (PLOS ONE)
  • Phylogeny, time divergence, and historical biogeography of the South American Liolaemus alticolor-bibronii group (Iguania: Liolaemidae) (PeerJ)
  • Common occurrence of Sharpey’s fibres in amphibian phalanges (Zoomorphology)
  • Molecular evidence for the first records of facultative parthenogenesis in elapid snakes (RSOS)
  • How has our knowledge of dinosaur diversity through geologic time changed through research history? (PeerJ)
  • The influence of speed and size on avian terrestrial locomotor biomechanics: Predicting locomotion in extinct theropod dinosaurs (PLOS ONE)
  • Flight reconstruction of two European enantiornithines (Aves, Pygostylia) and the achievement of bounding flight in Early Cretaceous birds (Palaeontology)
  • Macroevolutionary patterning of woodpecker drums reveals how sexual selection elaborates signals under constraint (ProcB)
  • Flight range, fuel load and the impact of climate change on the journeys of migrant birds (ProcB)
  • Letting the ‘cat’ out of the bag: pouch young development of the extinct Tasmanian tiger revealed by X-ray computed tomography (RSOS)
  • Assessing site formation and assemblage integrity through stone tool refitting at Gruta da Oliveira (Almonda karst system, Torres Novas, Portugal): A Middle Paleolithic case study (PLOS ONE)
  • The use of photogrammetric methods in the generation of 3D models of paleontological objects from the geological-paleontological collections of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg (Hallesches Jahrbuch für Geowissenschaften)

Pre-Prints and Post-Prints:

  • What is an archaeon and are the Archaea really unique? (bioRXiv)
  • Anamorphic development and extended parental care in a 520 million-year-old stem-group euarthropod from China (bioRXiv)
  • The first Paleogene (Oligocene) sea turtle record of South America (PeerJ)

Community Events, Society Updates, and Resources:


  • Burpee PaleoFest, March 3-4, 2018 (Link)
  • Lyell Meeting 2018: Mass extinctions – understanding the world’s worst crises (Link)
  • 11th Annual SeAVP Conference, May 23–27, 2018, North Carolina (Link)
  • Trekking Across the GOBE: From the Cambrian through the Katian, IGCP 653 Annual Meeting, June 3-7, 2018, Athens, Ohio, USA (Link)
  • 5th International Palaeontological Congress (IPC5), July 9–13, 2018, France (Link)
  • Flugsaurier 2018 Circular, August 10–14, 2018, Los Angeles (Link)
  • 78th Annual Meeting, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP), October 17–20, 2018, Albuquerque, New Mexico (Link)
  • 2018 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, November 4–7, 2018, Indianapolis, Indiana (Link)
  • North American Paleontological Convention June 23–27 2019 (Link)


  • Funding Opportunity: The David B. Jones Foundation (Paleo Society)
  • Paleontological Society to Sponsor Summer Policy Intern at AGI, Application deadline March 1, 2018 (Paleo Society)
  • The AWG Undergraduate Excellence in Paleontology Award, deadline April 15, 2018 (PaleoSociety)

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Animals and Anatomy:

Museums, Methods, and Musings:

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Art, books, culture, and fun:

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Dr. Sarah Z. Gibson is a paleontologist and science communicator based in Minnesota. Her research focuses on the evolutionary history of ray-finned fishes from the Early Mesozoic.

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