Fossil Friday Roundup: October 12, 2018

Featured Image:¬†Articulated holotype left pes of Sarahsaurus aurifontanalis. From Marsh and Rowe (2018). CC-BY. Papers (All Open Access): History is written by the victors: The effect of the push of the past on the fossil record (Evolution) Applications of chemical imaging techniques in paleontology (NSR) Redox-dependent niche differentiation provides evidence for multiple bacterial sources ofContinue reading “Fossil Friday Roundup: October 12, 2018”

Fossil Friday Roundup: May 6, 2016

Papers: Fossil clitellate annelid cocoons and their microbiological inclusions from the Eocene of Seymour Island, Antarctica. Open Access at Palaeontologia Electronica. The oldest species of the relic extant genus Mesochria from Eocene Fushun amber of China (Diptera: Anisopodidae: Mycetobiinae (Lead Image above). Open Access at Palaeontolgia Electronica. Neandertal versus modern human dietary responses to climaticContinue reading “Fossil Friday Roundup: May 6, 2016”