Fossil Friday Roundup: September 14, 2018

Featured Image: Reconstruction in sketch of Yizhousaurus in left lateral view (drawn by Xiao-Cong Guo), regions in red rim represent absent elements. From Zhang et al. (2018), CC-BY.

Papers (All Open Access):

  • Stratigraphic signatures of mass extinctions: ecological and sedimentary determinants (Proc B)
  • Anatomy of the Ediacaran rangeomorph Charnia masoni (Papers in Palaeontology)
  • The middle Miocene palynofloras of the Salihpaşalar lignite mine (Yatağan Basin, southwest Anatolia): environmental characterisation and comparison with palynofloras from adjacent basins (Palaobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments)
  • Early Cretaceous angiosperm leaves from the Dakota Formation, Hoisington III locality, Kansas, USA (PalaeoE)
  • The first report of Cryptocaryoxylon from the Neogene (Early Miocene) of Eurasia (Easter Mediterranean: Lesbos and Lemnos Islands, Greece) (Fossil Imprint)
  • A reappraisal of the genus Tethyrhynchia Logan, 1994 (Rhynchonellida, Brachiopoda): a conflict between phylogenies obtained from morphological characters and molecular data (Zootaxa)
  • Taxonomy and Palaeoecology of Continental Gastropoda (Mollusca) from the Late Pleistocene Mammoth-Bearing Site of Bullendorf from NE Austria (RIPS)
  • Quantitative analysis of suture lines in Carboniferous ammonoids (Fossil Record)
    Halloween genes in panarthropods and the evolution of the early moulting pathway in Ecdysozoa (RSOS)
  • Ras-dva small GTPases lost during evolution of amniotes regulate regeneration in anamniotes (SciRep)
  • A new alvarezsaurid dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous Qiupa Formation of Luanchuan, Henan Province, central China (China Geology)
  • A new sauropodiform dinosaur with a ‘sauropodan’ skull from the Lower Jurassic Lufeng Formation of Yunnan Province, China (Scientific Reports)
  • The first photographs of a dinosaur excavation in Europe: Emile Savalle and the stegosaur from Octeville (Normandy, 1898) (Colligo)
  • Pappocricetodontinae (Rodentia, Muridae) from the Paleogene of south-east Serbia (Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments)
  • Austropediomys marshalli gen et sp. nov., a new Pediomyoidea (Mammalia, Metatheria) from the Paleogene of Brazil: Paleobiogeographic implications (Rev. Brasileira de Paleontologia)
  • A Description of Two New Species of the Genus Rucervus (Cervidae, Mammalia) from the Early Pleistocene of Southeast Europe, with Comments on Hominin and South Asian Ruminants Dispersals (Quaternary)
  • A close relative of the Amazon river dolphin in marine deposits: a new Iniidae from the late Miocene of Angola (PeerJ)
  • Large species within carnivora are large carnivores (RSOS)
  • Impact of climate change on the transition of Neanderthals to modern humans in Europe (PNAS)
  • Early Holocene human presence in Madagascar evidenced by exploitation of avian megafauna (Science Advances)
  • Tuberculosis in post-contact Native Americans of Brazil: Paleopathological and paleogenetic evidence from the Tenetehara-Guajajara (PLOS ONE)

PrePrints and PostPrints:

  • New data on the palaeobiogeography of Early Jurassic marine reptiles: the Toarcian ichthyosaur fauna of the Vocontian Basin (SE France) (PaleorXiv)
  • A basal thunnosaurian from Iraq reveals disparate phylogenetic origins for Cretaceous ichthyosaurs (PaleorXiv)
  • Ichthyosaurs from the French Rhaetian indicate a severe turnover across the Triassic–Jurassic boundary (PaleorXiv)
  • Simbirskiasaurus and Pervushovisaurus reassessed: implications for the taxonomy and cranial osteology of Cretaceous platypterygiine ichthyosaurs (PaleorXiv)

Community Events, Society Updates, and Resources:


  • 78th Annual Meeting, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP), October 17–20, 2018, Albuquerque, New Mexico (Link)
  • 2018 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, November 4–7, 2018, Indianapolis, Indiana (Link)
  • 1st Palaeontological Virtual Congress, December 1–15, 2018 (Link)
  • North American Paleontological Convention June 23–27 2019 (Link)


News and Views:

Animals and Anatomy:

  • Yizhousaurus sunae (Equatorial Minnesota)
  • How Sea Dragons Carved Up the Prehistoric Oceans (Laelaps)
  • Second hump-nosed spike-thumbed dinosaur discovered in Mongolia (Earth Archives)
  • The proximal caudals of Brachiosaurus altithorax, FMNH P25107 (SVPOW)
  • Fossil Whale Bones Record Prehistoric Shark Bites (Laelaps)
  • Episode 43 – The Great American Biotic Interchange (GABI) (Common Descent)
  • The Pig Family: Peccaries Are Not Pigs (Synapsida)
  • Fossil Friday – camel tooth (Valley of the Mastodon)

Methods and Musings:

  • Imposter syndrome revisited (SVPOW)

Museums, Folks and Fieldwork:

  • Cam Muskelly, Citizen Scientist and Paleontology/Geology Educator (Time Scavengers)

Arts, Books, Culture, Fun:

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