Fossil Friday Roundup: November 18, 2016

Papers (all Open Access):

  • Minerals in the gut: scoping a Cambrian digestive system (RSOS)
  • The giant, spike-toothed salmon, Oncorhynchus rastrosus and the “Proto-Tuolumne River” (early Pliocene) of Central California (PaleoBios)
  • The plumage and colouration of an enantiornithine bird from the early cretaceous of china (Palaeontology)
  • Palaeoenvironmental drivers of vertebrate community composition in the Belly River Group (Campanian) of Alberta, Canada, with implications for dinosaur biogeography (BMC Ecology)
  • Evolution of the patellar sesamoid bone in mammals (PeerJ Preprint)
  • Testing dietary hypotheses of East African hominines Using buccal dental microwear data (PLOS ONE)
  • Selective sweep on human amylase genes postdates the split with Neanderthals (Scientific Reports)
  • Sexual Harassment in the Sciences: A Call to Geoscience Faculty and Researchers to Respond (Journal of Geoscience Education)


  • Prehistoric Tracks Found in Gold Butte Predate Dinosaurs (Link)
  • Drilling of dinosaur-killing impact crater explains buried circular hills (Link)
  • Scientists Make Tracks on Dinosaur Claw Function (Link)
  • Ancient beasts roamed this secret spot in Death Valley, but you probably can’t go (Link)
  • How did animals get their skeletons? (Link)
  • Dinosaur or crocodile? An Arizona mystery in bones (Link)
  • Fearsome Malagasy Dinosaur Remained a Pipsqueak Most of Its Life (Link)
  • What our ancestors’ third eye reveals about the evolution of mammals to warm blood (Link)
  • Sunny steppes? A tiny parrot fossil suggests Siberia was once subtropical (Link)

Society Events, Meetings, Announcements, and Updates:

  • 7th International Meeting of Mesozoic Fishes, August 1–7, 2017, in Mahasarakham, Thailand. Pre-registration open:  (Link)
  • VI Symposium on Dinosaur Eggs and Babies, October 4–7, 2017, in Lisbon, Portugal. 1st Circular Available: (Link)
  • Society of Systematic Biologists 2nd Standalone Meeting, January 8–10, 2017, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Link)

Around the Blogosphere:

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Featured image: Trackway at Gold Butte/Photo courtesy: Steve Rowland

Published by Sarah Z. Gibson

Dr. Sarah Z. Gibson is a paleontologist and science communicator based in Minnesota. Her research focuses on the evolutionary history of ray-finned fishes from the Early Mesozoic.

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