Fossil Friday Roundup: August 5, 2016

Featured image: Australovenator attacking a Muttaburrasaurus. Artwork by Travis R. Tischler. DOI: 10.7717/peerj.2312/fig-1

Papers (all Open Access):

  • An examination of feeding ecology in Pleistocene proboscideans from southern China (SinomastodonStegodonElephas), by means of dental microwear texture analysis (Quaternary International)
  • Barcoding the largest animals on Earth: ongoing challenges and molecular solutions in the taxonomic identification of ancient cetaceans (PTRSB)
  • PalZ is offering free access until August 31 for its latest Special issue: Palaeobiology and Fossil Lagerstätten: a tribute and memorial to Adolf Seilacher (PalZ)
  • Comparative 3D analyses and palaeoecology of giant early amphibians (Temnospondyli: Stereospondyli) (Scientific Reports)
  • Partially incorrect fossil data augment analyses of discrete trait evolution in living species (Biology Letters)
  • The pes of Australovenator wintonensis (Theropoda: Megaraptoridae): analysis of the pedal range of motion and biological restoration (PeerJ)
  • Pigmented anatomy in Carboniferous cyclostomes and the evolution of the vertebrate eye (ProcB)
  • Two new mylagaulid rodents from the Early Miocene of China (PLOS ONE)
  • The Origin of High-Frequency Hearing in Whales (Current Biology)

Society Events and Updates:

  • The Annual Meeting of the Palaeontological Association will be December 14–17 in Lyon France. For more information and to register for the meeting, follow this link.
  • Early Registration Deadline for the SVP Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah is August 16! For more information and to register for the meeting, click here.
  • The Paleontological Society is looking for undergraduate student ambassadors for the upcoming GSA meeting. Deadline to apply is August 21! Click here for the application.


  • Newly discovered fossils strengthen proposition that world’s first mass extinction engineered by early animals (Link)
  • A New Michael Crichton Novel, About Paleontology’s ‘Bone Wars’, Will Be Published (Link)
  • From Hamburg to Kashmir, connections through fossils (Link)
  • New Lenox paleontologist creating 3-D maps of historic Jurassic site (Link)
  • New Finding from Southern China Helps Understanding the Feeding Ecology of Pleistocene Proboscideans (Link)
  • First diagnosis of dinosaur arthritis shows it lived in pain (Link)
  • ‘Red gene’ in birds and turtles suggests dinosaurs had bird-like color vision (Link)
  • Largest-Ever Carnivorous Dinosaur Footprint Discovered in Bolivia (Link)

Around the Blogosphere:

  • Stegosaurs and the species recognition hypothesis (Link)
  • Not paleo, but still fascinating! This Smithsonian scientist’s death was a mystery; 150 years later, his skeleton helped solve it (Link)
  • The first crocodile ancestors (Link)
  • Birds of a fibula (Link)
  • La Tortuga y Su Caparazón (Link) / The Turtle and Its Shell (Link)
  • Digging up our Triceratops: Count Trikeula! (Link)
  • Save Mongolia’s Dinosaurs! (Link)
  • The Paleontological Individual (Link)
  • (former) Ash beds in St. Paul (Link)
  • Painting the Ancient Seas (Link)

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Published by Sarah Z. Gibson

Dr. Sarah Z. Gibson is a paleontologist and science communicator based in Minnesota. Her research focuses on the evolutionary history of ray-finned fishes from the Early Mesozoic.

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