Fossil Friday Roundup: October 27, 2017

Featured Image: Reconstruction of Sinosauropteryx. From Smithwick et al. (2017). CC-BY. You can choose who deserves the honor of being among the Top 10 Open Access Fossil Taxa of 2017! Vote here! Papers (All Open Access): Foraminifera biostratigraphy and paleoenvironment of Well 5, OML 34, Niger Delta, Nigeria (PalaeoE) Pteropoda (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Thecosomata) from the Eocene/Oligocene boundary intervalContinue reading “Fossil Friday Roundup: October 27, 2017”

Fossil Friday Roundup: October 20, 2017

Featured Image: Foreyia maxkuhnia, a new Triassic coelacanth. From Cavin et al. (2017). Have you voted for the Top 10 Open Access Fossil Taxa of 2017? It’s not too late! Papers (All Open Access): Sediment microbial taxonomic and functional diversity in a natural salinity gradient challenge Remane’s “species minimum” concept (PeerJ) Extending the scope ofContinue reading “Fossil Friday Roundup: October 20, 2017”

Fossil Friday Roundup: October 13, 2017

Featured Image: Avicranium renestoi. Art by Matt Celeskey. From Pritchard and Nesbitt (2017). Papers (All Open Access): Nuclei and nucleoli in embryo-like fossils from the Ediacaran Weng’an Biota (Precambrian Research) Embracing Uncertainty in Reconstructing Early Animal Evolution (Current Biology) The stalked filter feeder Siphusauctum lloydguntheri n. sp. from the middle Cambrian (Series 3, Stage 5) SpenceContinue reading “Fossil Friday Roundup: October 13, 2017”

Fossil Friday Roundup: October 6, 2017

Featured Image: Digestive tract (in yellow) of Phosphotriton, an Eocene salamander. From Tissier et al. (2017), CC-BY) Papers (All Open Access): Insight into Central Asian flora from the Cenozoic Tianshan montane origin and radiation of Lagochilus (Lamiaceae) (PLOS ONE) Tip-dated phylogeny of whirligig beetles reveals ancient lineage surviving on Madagascar (Scientific Reports) Exceptional soft tissues preservationContinue reading “Fossil Friday Roundup: October 6, 2017”